5. You have recurring dreams of SBR and Superbowl tickets
Signs The Sauce Is The Boss
You know it. We know it. Great BBQ starts with a great sauce, and a great sauce makes everything taste better. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, no meal is complete without the thick, sweet taste of Sweet Baby Ray’s. It’s more than a sauce; it’s a life enhancer. Without it, food is barely worth eating. So, pour it on, lick it up, and use it up. We’ll make more. Sweet Baby Ray’s – The Sauce is the Boss!
  1. SBR is your secret ingredient in every recipe
  2. You’ve licked SBR off your sleeve
  3. Your idea of yard work is beer, BBQ and SBR
  4. You believe SBR is its own food group
  5. You have recurring dreams of SBR and Superbowl tickets
  6. SBR always comes first, then the food
  7. You always keep SBR handy and plentiful
  8. You put SBR on anything and everything
  9. Without SBR, food is not worth eating
  10. You never use a napkin to wipe SBR off your face…only your tongue
  11. You use SBR as a vegetable chaser
  12. You’ve given SBR as a housewarming gift
  13. You pack a bottle of SBR whenever you eat out
  14. You’ve shared your deepest thoughts with the SBR website
  15. You have at least two backup bottles of SBR hidden in the house
  16. You lick SBR off your fingers after every bite
  17. Sweetbabyrays.com is your homepage
  18. You’ve dressed as SBR on Halloween
  19. You get into condiment debates in support of SBR at family functions
  20. You named your first child Ray
  21. You like SBR more than your own boss
  22. You use multiple flavors of SBR in one sitting
  23. Without SBR, your dog won’t eat it
  24. An SBR stain on your shirt is a badge of honor
  25. You use SBR to convert vegetarians
  26. When you can even put it on your ice cream (true story)
  27. You make your family watch when you break the seal on a new bottle of SBR
  29. Sweet Baby Ray's is the last thing I can depend on in a world gone mad
  30. SBR make burgers worth their weight in gold
  31. You've used SBR as toothpaste
  32. You memorized the Sweet Baby Ray's history on the back of its bottle, and you recite it every time you use the sauce

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